Leoni Fischer

Data is omnipresent. 
They constantly surround us and actively influence our environment. 
As we continue to produce new amounts of data, the question of an intuitive, 
legible way of visualizing data becomes more and more of a focus.


TRDM is a network for monitoring radiation exposure rates from the Tihange 
and Doel nuclear reactors in Belgium. 
The dataset creates regular updates from sensors placed at different locations
all around the region. A dark unsteady drum roll as output of the installation 
is created by the sensor data in realtime, while any variation is shown 
through a change in the beat frequency thus reflecting the omnipresent threat 
through atomic radiation exposure. 



Supervised by Prof. Eva Hornecker and Hannes Waldsch├╝tz

Supported by: TDRM Tihange Doel Radiation Monitoring Network
Special Thanks to Musik Gillhaus GmbH , donor of our pre-tuned timbales drum skin 
and other drum supplies

Project with
Anas Alnayef, He Ren, Sujay ShalawadiTsung-Jen Pu, Pauline Temme

Bauhaus Essentials Award 2018

Pictures Michael Braun, Leoni Fischer