Leoni Fischer

Necropolis deals with the grief process in the digital age and is understood as a design intervention, which tries to combine data in a culturally and ecologically sustainable way with a growing digital mourning culture. Necropolis is a Memorial object for our past digital activity after our demise. An algorithm transforms a person‘s Facebook activity into an individual sequence of light signals. These are transferred into small LED lights, which then record the activity. The lighting object itself consists exclusively of technical components, while the surrounding structure is based on natural materials, which are often used in commemorative objects or being associated with death.

Supervised by Tjeerd Veenhoven




Eject 8, magazine for media culture, 2018


Public Keys, Baumwollspinnerei Rundgang Leipzig, 2017

Dutch Design Week, 2017

Summaery, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, 2017