Leoni Fischer

Hurra Hurra – Random Group Exhbition


The exhibition series Hurra Hurra was initiated during my time as a member of the University Gallery Marke.6 in 2016 and later continued as a free project in order to bring together an unused exhibition space and great project that otherwise wouldnt have been on show. The series aims to bring together the differet disciplines of the school and is regulary showing „favourite project“ which never made it to the big semester exhibition Summaery. The Hurra Hurra Kiosk was  showing 2 week long exhibitions during the semester and a „random group exhibition“ during the Summeary 2017.


In the recent group show at Summaery 2017 participated:
Anja Zachau, Jakob Kukula, Ronny Haberer,  Uwe Sandhaus,  Tseh Wiegert,  Marie Gerhardt
The exhibition was curated by Pauline Temme and Leoni Fischer.



The Kiosk originally named Kiosk K67 was designed by architect Saša J. Mächtig and has since become a cult object making its way from the streets of several socialist countries to cultural institutions like the Moma, NY.