Leoni Fischer


→ Group Exhibition

 PhD Program

Bauhaus University Weimar


For the first time, an exhibition was explicitly devoted to the topic

of doctoralstudies at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Under the title

„dis/solving boundaries“, it was organized by Phd- students in cooperation

with the Bauhaus Research School. The exhibition gave an insight into the

diverse topics and approaches of the doctoral projects of all disciplines at

the Bauhaus University Weimar showcasing a total of 24 works.


→ Exhibition Design and Production: Michael Braun,Leoni Fischer

→ Exhibition Team: Ricarda Löser, Ph.D.,Anna Heyde, Ulrike Mothes, Ph.D.,

     Dr. Simon Frisch

→ Pictures: Michael Braun

→ In Cooperation with Bauhaus Research School