Leoni Fischer

→ Data Physicalization


Data is omnipresent. They constantly surround us and actively influence our environment.

As we continue to produce new amounts of data, the question of an intuitive, legible way of

visualizing it becomes more and more of a focus.


↓ All against All


An ongoing war in the digital world, understood as cyberwarfare, has long become reality.

But on the contrary to physical attacks these digital ones appear to be completely abstract.

In our project we deal with the question how these abstract phenomenas can be made tangible

through the method of data physicalization. As the dataset is fed into the physicalisation, the

movements of the soldiers against other soldiers indicate the real time attacks between countries.






                               → Bauhaus Essentials Award 2018

                               Supervised by Prof. Eva Hornecker and Hannes Waldschütz

                               Team: Anas Alnayef, He Ren, Sujay Shalawadi,Pauline Temme