Leoni Fischer


„Nothing is motionless in the eyes of the rhythmanalyst.

He hears wind, rain, thunderstorm. In observing a pebble

a wall or a tree he precieves the slowness of movements of

these objects. Their movement is slow only in proportion

to our time, our bodies, our rhythms.“


Kurt Meyer about Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis


Euglena Clock  is an experiment  around the 4 main correlations that according to Kurt Meyer in „Space, Difference, Everyday Life“ (Routledge, 2008) define Henri Lefebvre’s concept of rhythm:


1. mechanical and organic –  merging technological and natural

2. linear and circular time – understanding Euglenas circular rhythm of time

3. continous and discontinous –  studying the unique rhythms of each Euglena culture

4. discovery and creation – observing the rhythms of Euglena and creating a habitat for them


Being one of the oldest technological, linear timepieces my goal is to create an hourglass which forms a habitat for Euglenas natural, circular rhythms of time.




„Euglena is a genus of single cell flagellate eukaryotics, often abundant in quiet inland waters.

They bloom in numbers sufficient to color the surface of ponds and ditches green.

Most species of Euglena have photosynthesizing chloroplasts within the body of the cell,

which enable them to feed by autotrophy,like plants. The species Euglena gracilis has been

used extensively in the laboratory as a model organism. “


→Supervision and preview picture: Mindaugas Gapševičius

→Link to my Lab Diary

                                                                                                                  ↓ Exhibition Poster


Exhibitions and Publications:

→ From the Lab to the Studio, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin

// Berlin Art Week 2019


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